Dan- Advertising and analysis cont.

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Cesars Print Ad

This is a Cesars ads in which they show a dog and a man next to him who looks very similar. This ad is humorous and will grab the eye, but also continues the trend we’ve seen of dogs being showcased as similar to people in ads.

Jessica- Alpo:Real Dogs Eat Meat Campaign

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In February 2009, Alpo decided to embark on a brand campaign called the “Real Dogs Eat Meat” campaign. The campaign was to send a message to the owners who like to carry their dogs  in purses or taking them to the park in doggy strollers that they need to get back to the basics of being dogs. Dogs do not need their fur dyed or their claws painted. The campaign revolved around  photos of dogs that are doing things that a “real dog” wouldn’t be doing if they just acted like the dogs they were. The advertisement shown here features Al, who says, “Keep it simple people.” People go the extra mile to provide for dogs who want to just be treated like dogs. Other advertisements featured dogs that were doing things that is just not normal for a “real dog” to do. The tagline says, “Quick, get that dog some Alpo.” The line tells consumers to go out and buy your dog some Alpo in order for him to be a real dog because only real dogs eat beef.  The website also features a video in which dogs get away from their owners to become “real dogs” again.

The Bark Heard Round the World from ALPO® Brand Dog Food

Alpo also has the Real Dogs Eat Meat handbook that you can purchase or read online. Each chapter features a different “paw-thor” who write about their favorite activities to do. Theater, film, and television actor Taye Diggs did the first reading of the book.


Jessica: Lorne Greene and Alpo’s “Dogfooding”

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Back during the 1980’s, on television advertisements for Alpo, spokesperson Lorne Greene pointed out that he feeds Alpo to his own dogs. The term became known as “dogfooding”, in which to convince consumers to feed Alpo to their dogs. In order to entice consumers to have confidence in their products, Alpo stressed that they used the very products they advertised. Also, dogs love to eat beef and that’s what Alpo offered in their products. Lorne Greene knows what his dog loves and that is the delicious taste of Beef. Therefore, he only feeds his dog Alpo.

Jeanine’s Ads and Analysis

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Beneful commercial

This commercial shows a happy and healthy man, as well as a happy and healthy dog. The man is hanging out with his dog as if they are best friends. This ad, along with the majority of other dog food advertisements, plays with the idea of “man’s best friend”.  After the dog eats the beneful product, he is lively and energetic. This ad pursuades consumers to believe that if they feed their dog a beneful product they will be as happy and healthy as the man and the dog are in this commercial.


The text at the bottom of these photos reads, “When dogs eat well, they dream well.” These are all from Pedigree’s “When dogs eat well..” campaign. The first advertisement shows fire hydrants. The second ad shows frisbees, and the third shows sneakers. These ads are different than typical dog food ads because it is almost as if they are advertising directly to the dog. The consumer, of course, wants their dog to be happy. All of the ads from this campaign show an almost dream-like atmosphere. This campaign makes consumers believe that if your dog eats a pedigree product, they will perceive reality as it is perceived in the ads.


This advertisement shows a happy and healthy dog playing in the water. The dog is energetic and playful and it even looks as if he is smiling. The text in the ad reads, “My immune system is so strong, when I say jump, it asks how high?” This advertisement focuses on health. To pet owners, the health of their dog is very important. IAMS shows that if your dog eats an IAMS product that it will be as energetic and healthy as the dog in the ad. At the bottom of the advertisement it also reads, “I am more than just a dog.” The ad also includes nutritional facts at the bottom to prove that IAMS cares about your dogs health, and so should you.


Kibbles n’ Bits Commercial

This commercial focuses on taste as opposed to health. “Twice the Taste” is the slogan of this ad and it insists that your dog deserves the best tasting food and that is Kibbles n’ Bits. It is interesting how some ads focus on health, while others focus on taste. The dog owner will never know how the food tastes so they have to trust advertising. The last line of the commercial is, “It gives your dog joy in every bite.” This makes dog owners believe that not only will Kibbles n’ Bits taste good for your dog, but it will also bring them happiness.

Dan- Advertising and analysis

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Beneful commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI59yBU60-0“>

This commercial shows a dog and its owner bonding while deciding what to eat. In their commercials Beneful shows the dog and owner playing together to try to associate playfulness with their product. They also showcase the food which is different from most dog food commercials which focus mainly on the dog. This commercial shows how the food looks and is made of food fit for humans.

Pedigree print ad:

In this print ad pedigree focuses on the dog much more than the product. They show a dog with human like teeth which is humorous, cute, and specific to the product which is treats to fight tartar so your dog has better teeth. There is a parallel with the beneful ad which shows a dog eating human food and here we see a dog with human teeth. This shows that it is entertaining to see dogs treated like people. It could also be that people treat their dogs like members of their own families to such an extent they think of them as just another member of the family and not another species.

Iams commercial

In this advertisement iams gives tips on keeping your dog healthy. Here they associate their brand not only with pet care but caring about the pets. This gives practical information which could help gain trust from consumers making the difference when they go to buy their dogs food.

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