Jessica- Alpo:Real Dogs Eat Meat Campaign

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In February 2009, Alpo decided to embark on a brand campaign called the “Real Dogs Eat Meat” campaign. The campaign was to send a message to the owners who like to carry their dogs  in purses or taking them to the park in doggy strollers that they need to get back to the basics of being dogs. Dogs do not need their fur dyed or their claws painted. The campaign revolved around  photos of dogs that are doing things that a “real dog” wouldn’t be doing if they just acted like the dogs they were. The advertisement shown here features Al, who says, “Keep it simple people.” People go the extra mile to provide for dogs who want to just be treated like dogs. Other advertisements featured dogs that were doing things that is just not normal for a “real dog” to do. The tagline says, “Quick, get that dog some Alpo.” The line tells consumers to go out and buy your dog some Alpo in order for him to be a real dog because only real dogs eat beef.  The website also features a video in which dogs get away from their owners to become “real dogs” again.

The Bark Heard Round the World from ALPO® Brand Dog Food

Alpo also has the Real Dogs Eat Meat handbook that you can purchase or read online. Each chapter features a different “paw-thor” who write about their favorite activities to do. Theater, film, and television actor Taye Diggs did the first reading of the book.

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