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Beneful commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI59yBU60-0“>

This commercial shows a dog and its owner bonding while deciding what to eat. In their commercials Beneful shows the dog and owner playing together to try to associate playfulness with their product. They also showcase the food which is different from most dog food commercials which focus mainly on the dog. This commercial shows how the food looks and is made of food fit for humans.

Pedigree print ad:

In this print ad pedigree focuses on the dog much more than the product. They show a dog with human like teeth which is humorous, cute, and specific to the product which is treats to fight tartar so your dog has better teeth. There is a parallel with the beneful ad which shows a dog eating human food and here we see a dog with human teeth. This shows that it is entertaining to see dogs treated like people. It could also be that people treat their dogs like members of their own families to such an extent they think of them as just another member of the family and not another species.

Iams commercial

In this advertisement iams gives tips on keeping your dog healthy. Here they associate their brand not only with pet care but caring about the pets. This gives practical information which could help gain trust from consumers making the difference when they go to buy their dogs food.

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